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09-12-2007, 09:23 PM
http://www.livabilityride.org/images/photogallery/thumbs/c-blk-eye-sus-v-close.jpgWhat better way to see Portland's innovative sustainability projects than to tour around by bike?

What better way to start your ride than pedal-powered fruit smoothies?

And what better way to round out the day than with a delicious healthy lunch brought to you by Laughing Planet? We're not just talking burritos here: we're talking make your own heaping bowl of fresh deliciousness.

http://www.livabilityride.org/images/photogallery/thumbs/c.jpgBIKE TO THE FUTURE
Come join us on Sunday, September 16th as we take you on a tour of the organizations that are at the forefront of the local sustainability movement.

This 28-mile ride is fully supported and is a benefit for the Coalition for a Livable Future.

Sign up online before Friday at midnight and save $10.

LivabilityRide.org (http://www.LivabilityRide.org)

http://www.livabilityride.org/images/photogallery/thumbs/b-0446425-R1-044-20A.jpgBRING FRIENDS
With ride along mechanics, rest stops mechanics, fruit, water and food on course, this flat route is very welcoming to new riders. So grab borrow a bike, throw your friend on it, and head on out for an incredible day exploring Portland.

http://www.livabilityride.org/images/photogallery/thumbs/leek.JPGSPECIAL SITES
We'll give you a chance to check out the npGREENWAY, a proposed trail network to link the St. John's Bridge area to downtown along the waterfront.

You'll get an exclusive tour of New Columbia, mixed-income housing that incorporated community and green building practices at every stage of development.

And you can rest, relax or dig in at Whitaker Ponds where the formerly-polluted Columbia Slough has been transformed into a vibrant wildlife habitat.

We look forward to seeing you out there!
Ayleen + The B2F Crew

p.s. Volunteers are still needed and some volunteer positions allow you to ride for free. See website for details.

09-17-2007, 01:14 PM
congratulations- i heard it was a super fun event!

way to go ayleen!

peace, gregg