View Full Version : Biking to the OHS

08-23-2007, 04:36 AM
I've been volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society since February and I've had a bike since April, but it took this long for the twain to meet. I finally biked up there yesterday. It's not far, but I still feel very much a newbie biker and I'm always a little nervous about new routes/roads. Anyway, it went really well. (The ride along Alameda past all the richie-riches is especially pleasant!) The only bit I really don't like is getting across Columbia Blvd. The recommended route on bycycle.org had me going north from Dekum, through Woodlawn Park, which takes me to NE 11th, which empties onto Columbia Blvd. directly across from the OHS. That's the way I've been going when I take the #75 bus, so it had the advantage of being familiar. The problem is there's no light at NE 11th, so bascially you have to make a mad dash across 4 lanes of fast-moving Columbia Blvd. traffic. I walked my bike across when arriving, rode across when leaving. Still, I guess it's preferable to riding along Columbia Blvd. to the nearest traffic lights either direction, or is it? Does anyone who has to negotiate Columbia Blvd. have any recommendations? The nearest signal west of the OHS is at MLK, I'm not sure where the nearest signal east is ... Lombard, maybe?

I have seen the infrequent cyclist on Columbia Blvd., but man it seems unpleasant and dangerous. OTOH, waiting for a decent break in traffic to make it across gets old quickly, when it's busy.

LOVE the OHS, HATE the location.