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Steven Kung
08-23-2007, 02:07 AM
Sunday Aug 26th ECT Hillsboro ride 9am at Madison Plza
Come see a slide show on a 20,000 mile bicycle journey across North and South America. David Kroodsma biked from California to the
southern tip of South America in an effort to draw attention to the international effects of global warming. With another expert, Bill Bradlee, he has also just biked across the U.S. The slideshow, while
focusing on videos and photos from biking Latin America, he will also discuss some of the challenges of global warming as seen from both North and South America. Visit www.rideforclimate.com for more info.

Exchange Cycle Tours has joined with the Unitarian Church of
Washington Cty (UUCCWC) to promote and attend his slideshow. ECT will offer two ride options for this event. Meet at Madison Plaza (Eastbank esplanade at the Hawthorne Bridge) at 9am and either ride
the Max to Hillsboro or take a bike ride with me to the church.

OUTBOUND Intermediate Route Map: (Ride Leader: Aaron Tarfman, 503-334-6091)
Please note actual route will start at Madison Plaza: Eastbank Esplanade
at SE Madison, just under the Hawthorne Bridge; and arrive at the UUCCWC,
not at Intel; the gmap is Sugata's commute route to work... what an animal!

OUTBOUND Easy Group: (Ride Leader: Steven Kung, 503-957-6672)
Will be almost entirely by MAX from Downtown Portland to Orenco Station in Hillsboro.
Less than 1 mile bike rides to and from MAX stations.

We will meet there at 11am for the show. There will be a coffee social,
and then after the show we have another ride along a more scenic route
returning to Portland.

RETURN Intermediate and partial Easy Group Route Map:
The Easy Group will stop at Merlo Station and return on MAX. (Ride Leader: Steven Kung, 503-957-6672)
The Intermediate Group will complete entire route. (Ride Leader: Severt Lawyer, 503-234-7778)

UUCCWC is located in the Orenco neighborhood of Hillsboro mile from the MAX
stop. The address is 22785 NW Birch St., Hillsboro Oregon.

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