View Full Version : 2008 ECT Portugal/Spain/Morocco Bike Tour Planning

Steven Kung
08-16-2007, 09:15 AM
Dear Riders/Travelers,

Following Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club's mission to explore
the world and connect with other cultures and communities, I am
launching the planning phase of a bike tour in 2008 to the Iberian
Peninsula countries of Portugal and Spain, plus drop down into Africa
and visit Morocco.

I have done long distance bike touring in Oregon and parts of Europe
and China, and I have been longing to explore Iberia and Africa since
2005. I have been busy the last few years with a few responsibilities.
Now finally I am ready to go for it, set concrete goals, and make this
trip happen.

Here are preliminary ideas:

1. Dates: Around end of May to early June, 2008, hopefully just
missing peak travel season, to save airfare costs.

2. Duration: 3 weeks.

3. Mode of transportation: fly into Lisbon, Portugal. Land exploration
by bicycle, possibly leverage rail, ferries, or buses. Localized hikes
on foot.

4. Means of support: self-supported bicycle tour. No en route auto
vehicle support. Carry own camping gear, supplies, and obtain local
food provisions.

5. Route: TBD. Participants and local destination contacts will help
shape this through careful planning. Ideally travel in a loop so no
extra expense to catch return flight. That said, expect the unexpected
on the ground; that's part of the excitement of an adventure.

6. Language/Communication considerations: I plan to study Portuguese
combining Pimzleur's audio CD full-emersion language course plus other
software language courses from now until trip start. Participants are
encouraged to borrow and share whatever learning resources we
collectively have access to.

(If one plans to visit one different part of the world every year, it
is great motivation to learn a new language each year.)

7. Connecting with local bike clubs: we will try to meet other bike
touring clubs and share our mission and vision of exchange cycle

8. Call for participation: If you are interested in participating in
this adventure, or would like to help plan and coordinate the tour, or
you simply want to learn more about bike touring, this is a great
opportunity to get involved.

Please email: "info[at]exchangecycletours[dot]org" and mention
"Iberian Tour 2008" in the subject line if you are interested in being
a part of this.



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