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08-07-2007, 08:30 AM
The publishers of Chinook Book are looking for columnists/bloggers for a new website. Everyone is encouraged to apply!

http://www.celilo.net/job_PDX_EcoMetro_0707.asp (http://www.celilo.net/job_PDX_EcoMetro_0707.asp)

The publishers of the popular green coupon book and resource guide Chinook Book are launching a web site this September at ecometro.com (please note this site is not yet active). We are searching our green land for the most knowledgeable, most thoughtful and most irreverent citizens to produce original columns on living the green lifestyle in Portland.

Are you someone who knows a great deal about green products and services? Do you have direct experience, knowledge and fondness for eco-fashion, green home remodeling, buying used, biodiesel, energy efficiency, natural baby care, organic restaurants or gardening? Are you the go-to person among friends and family for what is green? Do you like to write about your experiences and observations, solicit opinions and look into new products and methods?

Then consider sharing your wit and expertise with thousands of people searching for green products, stores and wisdom in the Portland region. You do not need to be a professional writer, but writers who are looking to build a portfolio are encouraged to apply.

ecometro.com will help Portlanders learn about green alternatives, see what others have to say, and learn where to buy green in the region. The site will contain the most complete directory of merchants selling green products and services in the Portland area, with merchant profiles, ratings and customer commentary. A sophisticated mapping tool will make it easy for people to find stores in their neighborhood.

Writing a column at ecometro.com should be fun, but it will also take some thought. We're looking for up to eight writers living in the Portland region to write dedicated columns for three months. Extension is possible. Columns of 300-500 words each will be written and posted weekly. That means columnists are committing to write approximately twelve, 300-500 word columns in the September-November 2007 time period.

To apply to be one of the first columnists on ecometro.com, please send us the following by August 17, 2007:

1) Your name, address, phone number, email address and a brief bio, including your current occupation and employer and any relevant experience.

2) The name of and several sentences describing your column's focus and who you imagine will connect with your topics.

3) A draft of your first 2 columns and a list of 3-4 potential future column ideas.

Please email to: ecometropdx@celilo.net. Only electronic submissions will be accepted.


Write about something you know, something interesting, something opinionated, and/or something others will be interested in. The more specific the subject matter and the more it is based on personal experience, the better your column will likely be. Keep track of your favorite and least favorite products and stores, and look for what works and what needs improvement. Cultivate a voice that readers will recognize. Sprinkle in commentary, but make your column useful to someone searching for information on green products, services and practices in Portland by providing names, locations and price ranges. Going about daily life should provide more than enough content for your column, but we may ask you to write about your neighborhood and go to some events or places, particularly if you want to focus on a specific subject. Be yourself, and follow the community spirit of Chinook Book.

Selection Process
Our editorial team will review all submissions sent in by the August 17, 2007 deadline. All columnists will be selected by September.

Our editorial manager will provide editing assistance, train you in posting columns on-line, and provide guidance on responding to comments posted to your columns.

Compensation & Glory
Upon selection, all columnists will receive $100 to spend at any local green store. (Hint: this shopping trip would make a great topic for your first column!) Additional gifts, prizes and products (especially caffeinated ones) will be distributed irregularly over the three-month period to provide inspiration and encouragement. Your photo and brief bio will be posted online in association with your column.

We look forward to receiving your application!

08-15-2007, 11:39 AM
Hi all,
It's been great to receive interest in blogging from the PDX cycling community. We are also looking for bloggers/columnists in the Seattle area, and have not received any applications from bikers up there. Please send any cycling friends in Seattle the following link:


Thanks for your help!