View Full Version : East Burnside

07-25-2007, 09:14 PM
On Sunday, July 22, I was riding legal, but not safe when I bombed Burnside westbound to catch the light at 82nd. I had the momentum to legally proceed through the yellow light, but it didnít feel right and I should have backed off. The oncoming car midway in the intersection needed to turn left. That was fine, I touched my brakes. The second car also insisted on turning left on yell-RED! I locked my brakes. Still braking heavily, I played chicken with #3, a van, until he backed off and I moved past. It is one of those lights that only let one car per green and drivers push through out of frustration. They were gunning it to get through and I wasnít visible when they started their turn. Kind of frustrating, kind of embarrassing and Iím guessing the spectators on 82nd waiting for their green light to clear were cussing the idiot on the bike.

Burnside has been kind of a gauntlet the past 3 weeks, I have swerved to miss a car door two feet from a car in the adjacent lane, locked my brakes for a true idiot that passed me and immediately cut right into the liquor store lot at 102nd, and last night, locked my brakes and slid sideways again at the same liquor store when the hood of a Ford pickup swung too fast toward me. He stopped and my bike corrected itself but I thought I was going to lay down at 15 MPH. Lucky so far...