View Full Version : take a chill pill before you get on the hawthorne bridge man

07-24-2007, 12:03 PM
everyone knows that the bridge is crowded, and even super crowded climbing up to it westbound in the morning.
but to call me a "f____ing child" because i rode on the sidewalk is just that, CHILDISH.

the bike lane is what, 5 feet wide, and to pass on left in morning traffic isnt always feasible with cars and other slow riders. i understand that, and that is why i chose to ride on the sidewalk (the one that we are all forced to ride on 100 meters further down the road) to pass everyone safely, and without any surprises (like veering out to pass a slow rider w/out checking your blindspot).

i love that there is actually bike congestion in the mornings. that is so cool. i cant wait for the extra wide bike lane on the bridge right after the light. just dont get bent out of shape when you see me doing something that you should have thought of first. there are no minimum speeds for bikes and that creates mucho confusion and congestion with those who ride 15mph to work, and those who coast on their townies at 5 mph. dont getted pissed when someone rides faster than you. it doesnt matter if they do. nothing i did was close to unsafe, so realize that you are on a bike, not in a humvee, and that EVERYONE has the right to pedal to the beat of a different drummer. i didnt call you a fat ass slowpoke did i?

ps- i had my bell on my bike, i didnt pass anyone on the blind corner dropping down to the esplanade, and there were no pedestrians present (if there had been, i would have been waiting an eternity to get downtown). some of you readers probably saw me today.

07-24-2007, 12:52 PM
This morning on the Hawthorne Bridge approach was indicative of the need for people to dial back their urgent need to pass everyone else in the bike lane.

There must have been 15 bikes lined up at the MLK light this morning ... and when the light turned, everyone started to move and had to immediately stop. (Some of us just ran into the back tire of the person in front of us.) One poor rider had a mechanical problem that stopped her in her tracks, which caused a mini-pileup.

We all need to just respect each others' need to go at our own pace, and just take a second to realize that as bike traffic increases, we're all going to have to work together and be patient.

(p.s. to the pedestrian who roared with laughter at the aforementioned mini-pileup: I don't know why you thought the situation was so funny, but I think you could benefit [in both attitude and your health] from a little time riding a bike.)

07-24-2007, 08:28 PM
I used to live in Ladd's Addition and be in the middle of the Hawthorne bustle leading up to, over, and down from the bridge each morning on my way to work... talk about a ton of really stressed out messenger types, asshole Lance wannabes, and careless cruisers. Now I don't profess to be a saint of biking and I've messed up before too, but the combination of everyone listening to their iPods, the slower riders aimlessly weaving left and right and knocking into other riders, faster riders skimming past said slower riders, and the occasional "c'mon!" or "god damn" grunted and/or yelled by frustrated riders toward other cyclists who either didn't begin peddling at 50mph as soon as the light turns green or because they weren't pretending they were in the Tour De France was just a bit overkill.

I'm glad I live in NW pdx now. The ride to work in downtown is pretty much entirely in the streets with downtown traffic (cars), but, and I never in a million years thought I'd say this, its more mellow with the cars than the other cyclists... which is sad to say but totally true. And it's all downhill, which is awesome - til I have to ride home :P

Don't get me wrong, it is awesome we have so many morning commuters on bikes, but seriously some people need to chill out! A lot of people ride their bikes because, in addition to saving money, being healthy and doing the environment some good, they are simply the types of people who prefer a more laid back type of lifestyle.