View Full Version : PDOT Bicycle Brown Bag??

07-19-2007, 03:57 PM
Just curious if this ride or group of riders exited the Hawthorne Bridge going East, which meant they would come down the exit ramp and then ride under the Hawthorne to get to the Esplanade for the PDOT Bicycle Brown Bag meeting.

The reason I am curious is because I had to stand there and wait while approx. 12 cyclists came down the ramp and rode ride onto the Springwater/Esplanade as I stood there (being a pedestrian).

I wasn't mad but just stood there kind of laughing to myself because it was so ironic...flying right past the sign telling them to yield to pedestrians and
them heading towards the Esplanade at noon for the meeting where the Topic was: "I Share the Multi-Use Path: Cyclists and Pedestrians can coexist in peace - Ask me how!"