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07-19-2007, 01:01 PM
Kinda along with Safety is the Young folks in Hillsboro
would love for the cycling community to put some pressure on
Hillsboro Parks to build a BMX style bike part. We have a great place
for Skate Boarders in Reedville Creek Park. Unfotunatly when I
am patroling parks I have to kick the kids out on BMX and trail bikes
since the parks are posted no bikes but more for safety. The
bikes are far heavier and we have had skateboarders get hit my pedals
and handle bars with the bikes going very fast. I would Rather
have the folks in the park than developing a career painting, specially
someones fence. There is a lot of room at Reedville Creek park to
build a Bike park. I could then let the folks play.