View Full Version : not a near miss, but a direct hit

pamela gratke
07-18-2007, 02:54 PM
On July 4, 2007, I was 20 minutes into a ride on the Bear Creek greenway out of Ashland, heading toward Medford. Just pass the dog park, there is a big blind corner. I moved a little farther to my right, closer to the edge of the path; as i did I looked up and saw a biker coming right at me, he was peddling fast and looking behind him. Yes that's right, he was not looking in the direction he was heading, he was looking over his right shoulder at what I don't know. In the 2 or 3 seconds before we hit I thought, left/right, left/right, left/right; I swerved to my left to put my strong side toward him. We hit; hard. I was thrown from my bike; landed on my left wrist (it's broken in 3 places) about 10 feet away; hit my head (thank god for helmets); sprained my right thumb and first finger; have multiple contusions, including one the size of Rhode Island on my right thigh; a black eye; multiple bruises on my left leg (from going over my handlebars I think). I was able to walk away, but my bike was DOA: bent frame and front fork, bend front tire, twisted handlebars.
The guy who hit me has a shoulder problem and a bent frame and now claims that he doesn't have insurance. Which leaves me with the only recourse of hiring an attorney. And the only one who comes out smelling like a rose is the attorney.
Yes, I know that I could have been hurt worst, a lot worst.
But man it sure tweeks me that this guy is getting away scott free for endangering not only my life, but others too. What if I had had my 10 year old daughter with me; I can't even think about that.
I have called both the Ashland police and Oregon State police departments: There is no vehicle for reporting bike vs bike accidents.
So, this guy gets to hop on another bike and ride into the sunset, on the wrong side of the road looking behind him.
I truly don't feel safe on my bike any more.

07-22-2007, 11:16 AM
on roads, bikes are subject to most of the same laws as cars. that guy would be in serious trouble. causing an accident by driving as fast as he could in the wrong lane around a blind corner while looking behind him would be a pretty bad violation in a car. they'd probably test the guy for intoxication, it's so stupid.

but on a bike path, i don't know what the rules are. it's good that you're getting an attorney, and if i were on your jury, you'd have a great chance of getting your bills paid. good luck to ya, i hope you're healing up okay, and i hope you won't let one real idiot ruin cycling for you.