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07-18-2007, 07:59 AM
I had a very close call while commuting into work to Lloyd District at about 8:15 this morning

Eastbound in the bike lane on Multnomah, riding about 10 miles an hour, visibility is marginal as it is raining heavily. I have a red 7-led flasher on the back and bright white flasher on the front. I'm wearing bright yellow jacket and bright red and white helmet.

As I approach the entrance to the Kaiser Building parking garage a blue forester comes from the middle lane and dives across the right lane and bike lane and enters the parking lot. I lock both brakes and do a MTB butt drop to keep the bike upright. Came within a couple of feet of him. I carefully continue eastbound but realize that this is a great opportunity to share my opinion with a dangerous driver. I turn and enter the parking structure and immediately I'm flagged down by a driver of a CRV who shows me where the guy is parked.

As I calmly wait for the guy to get out of his car, the CRV driver walks over and says that he saw the whole thing. When the forester driver gets out:

me: "Sir, did you realize that you crossed two lanes of traffic without signaling and almost hit me?"
him: "I signaled" <ha ha ha>
CRV guy: "Sir, you didn't signal and you almost hit him!"
me: "Sir, can you please, please, please be more careful. Please use your signal and look next time."
him: "Sorry about that (not very convincingly).

It was nice to have CRV guy for "backup". He had a rooftop bike-rack setup so I think he is a rider. I'm very non-confrontational, so it was very nice to have some support.

A few months ago I broke and bruised some ribs in a similar situation where I was not able to stop in time. It was nice to escape injury and get to confront the driver this time. I don't think the driver got the message, but it was nice to calmly address the situation with him.

(CRV guy - if you're reading this, PM me and I'll buy you lunch sometime)

07-18-2007, 09:32 AM
nice! i'm sure he got the message but didnt want to swallow his pride in front of you.

07-19-2007, 08:55 AM
I hope CRV guy finds you and you get to thank him again!

And, I agree with Todd... it's not manly to apologize appropriately in front of witnesses! ;)