View Full Version : 117th Street in Vancouver

the Wumpus
07-16-2007, 09:23 AM
It's broken. A water main did some bad things between Highway 99 and Klineline Park.


The pavement looks like giant moles have been digging around under the street. I can't imagine this street is going to be reopened the way it is, without repair. The lumps are one thing, but along the edge of the street the asphalt has pushed up several inches where it meets the concrete before the curb in a few places. This is across the entire width of the street.

True, it's worth checking out the damage, it's impressive! (I'm gonna go take pictures!) You can get through there as of yesterday; even though the sign says "street closed" it's not stopping anyone and no one's keeping an eye on it. But if they're going to shut down the street for repairs, it's going to affect a major north/south bike connection north of Vancouver. Highway 99 does run parallel, but that's no fun at all, and getting back and forth to or from Hazel Dell Avenue to avoid the worst 99 has to offer requires crossing the I-5 interchanges at 99th street. Or detouring three miles to the west to climb Felida Ridge.

the Wumpus
07-29-2007, 10:44 AM
Well, that was quick! It's all back together. From the paint it looks like it was finished up Thursday or Friday. They had the entire width of the damaged roadway torn out right down to the gravel as of Tuesday, but it's all fresh asphalt now.