View Full Version : Please help me build my bike

06-29-2007, 06:19 PM
I am building up an old Univega road frame in to a fixie / single speed. I need a new bottom bracket, am waiting for it. The cranks are too big but I think I may keep them for the time being ( I need a 165 and the exisitng ones are 175) I really want want a flip flop hub, can get a good price on the wheelset cuz I work at a shop. Right now I have a (cheap used ) front brake on it, think I will keep it. I don't know much about flip flops and have never ridden a fixie though I am sure I will love it. I'm thinking of running a 39/16 only cuz the existing set up/ conversion is 16. I think it will work for me nonetheless. The top tube is long for me, I need an upright stem to accomodate a short torso and a different seatpost to get be moved forward. Thinking straight bars...I got enough road bikes and I'm kinda needing a bit of cool in the goober style I normally occupy. Finally.....I want to remove the cable guides/ braze ons and maybe paint the frame. Spray paint that is ! I am so not knowing what I am doing but if you help I will post photo of "our" finished product. Thanks in advance my friends :)