View Full Version : June notes from W4B Discussion

06-26-2007, 01:32 PM
Meeting time discussed: 3rd Wednesday of each month 6:30-8PM
Next meeting will be a potluck picnic at Laurelhurst Park, July 18th, 6:30-8PM. Friends and families invited. An evite will be sent out but all are welcome.
 Roaming meetings possible – more discussion to be had.

We revisited the themes that were brought up at our first meeting (not in any particular order):
 Access to information
 Gear that “fits”
 Daily life
 Employer support
 Safety
 Moms/families
 Facilities
 Education
 Diversity
 Body image
 Bike culture
 Bike industry

We changed the agenda for the meeting because of the editorial in The Oregonian regarding the gender gap and cycling. Barb, Alison and I wanted to revisit the purpose of the group and get feedback from everyone. We brainstormed the following. Please feel free to add to the list:
 Create guiding principles for W4B
 Media and projected images (partners in educating about safety- educating cyclists with rights and responsibilities; press conference)
 Inspiring simple actions (example Bells on the Bridges; Going to bike shops – to give our feedback to improve service to women)
 Presentations by community (shops, City of Portland planners, politicians – asking for our feedback or opinions)
 “Intentionally creating bike culture”
 Political lobbying/legal lobbying (Sounding board/feedback loop; letter writing)

In our announcement/connecting time the following were discussed and celebrated:

 Bells on the Bridges (Margaret Weddell) – SUCCESS – Margaret made some very beautiful, witty signs and 150 bells were put on bikes by Bike Gallery staff.

 We Will Because We Can (Carol Lundin) – SUCCESS – check out her website to see more (http://wewillbecausewecan.org/)

 City of Portland – Women on Bikes (Janis McDonald) – Maintenance clinic at Sellwood Community Center July 7th – had 30 women at last one; Legal and advocacy clinic at Woodstock Community Center July 14th; Bicycle Brown Bag – Share the Path July 19th; diversity discussion happening; (http://www.portlandonline.com/transportation/index.cfm?c=44106&)

 Slug Velo (Beth Hamon) – needs a new leader. It is a socially-paced event and website needs new home. Give Beth a holler if you can help her out.

 Beth Hamon – interested in electric-assist and electric bicycles, “affordable technology”. Please let her know if you have any information; plus, her partner is looking for a job as a writer/editor, preferably in environmental arena.

 Kent Peterson (Bicycle Alliance of WA) visiting Portland July 24-25 to discuss bike advocacy in Washington

 Kate Gawf – is blogging about being a female cyclists; check out her stories at www.ridemyhandlebars.blogspot.com