View Full Version : Drive a pedicab for $25/hr

Jonathan Maus
06-25-2007, 02:42 PM
Hey folks,

I just got a call from Casey Martell of Rose Pedals Pedicabs - http://www.rosepedals.com/

He crashed his bike and broke his wrist pretty bad. He's a one-man business and he can't ride for the time being...so he's looking for someone to help with driving gigs until he heals.

He'll pay $25/hr for part someone to pick up the slack while he's out.

He's got one gig in particular on July 5th. The person would have to drive his pedicab on the Esplanade loop. It would take 1.5 hours.

sounds like easy (and fun) money!

If you're interested, give Casey a call at 503-421-7433.

Jonathan Maus
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