View Full Version : Cycling Bliss

Greg Raisman
06-24-2007, 03:57 PM
I went on a ride with 4 friends this morning. We were riding east on the trail gap on Marine Drive when I saw an 18-wheeler approaching in my rear-view mirror. We were in the bike lane and I gave my friends a heads-up that an 18-wheeler was coming.

As he approached, something unexpected happened. He slowed way down. Before you knew it, he was blocking traffic behind us and acting as a rolling traffic barricade. He stuck with us for a little more than a mile before we turned on 33rd to get back on the path.

I felt like I was in Breaking Away when the Cinzano rig is a draft/speedometer for the Cutter training for the race. It was just a magic moment where some perfect stranger did something really nice and thoughtful for us. I think I'm going to be smiling for the next week after that bike ride.