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  1. Starting things off
  2. 12/1/09 Beaverton's Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting
  3. 11/2/09 Skunk on Fanno Creek Trail
  4. suggestions for structuring the new 'All about the Westside' category
  5. SW 85th (SW Hall) and Durham, Tigard
  6. Any suggested Beaverton area bike map revisions?
  7. Westside Get Together 1/27/10.
  8. New Years Day Ride
  9. New signal
  10. 2010 West Side Bicycle Clinics
  11. West Side Trail Safety Problems...
  12. Tigard
  13. Takin' a ride to Cooper Mountain Nature Park
  14. WSGT part 2
  15. Sweet Hart Tour
  16. 2010 Tour de Parks
  17. Membership Drive
  18. Bike and Parking Restrictions Hearing 3/4/10
  19. Road work
  20. Tigard Bike Map release party- Tonight!
  21. Scappoose-Vernonia-Banks Bike Trail
  22. Playing Frogger...
  23. Members Only Nite
  24. THPRD's Trails Advisory Meeting... 3/20/10
  25. SW Herman Rd Open
  26. More about proposed Bike Lanes on Lombard
  27. Now Open: The Crosswalk on SW Hall, Tigard
  28. If it must, can this bike lane not merge more smoothly?
  29. Case of the missing section of bike lane
  30. TPHRD's Ride Into Spring (5/15/10)
  31. Beaverton's Bike Advisory Committee 5/4/10
  32. Repaving the Fanno Creek Trail...
  33. Westside Ride of Silence, May 19, 2010
  34. Where's All About the East Side?
  35. Land use decisions affecting your quality of life on the Westside
  36. Beaverton's Bike Spa Is On The Way!!!
  37. Family bike ride & kid's safety "rodeo" (Sun 5/23)
  38. Don't Fence Me In!!!
  39. NW 231st resolved!
  40. Hwy 99W construction
  41. Hall Blvd at the RR tracks near 217?
  42. bike route question
  43. Emergency Notice... Stand Up And Be Counted!!!
  44. Bike lanes eliminated from Bull Mountain Rd
  45. TdP Asks for Variance to Ride Through Park
  46. Sunset Transit Center's Bike & Ride Grand Opening.
  47. Photos of Bike Beaverton are up.
  48. Active Transportation Forum 8/4/10 @ 6pm
  49. Oleson Road Intersection Realignment Project focus group 8/18, 6PM GH Rec Center
  50. Volunteers needed for trail use count
  51. Join the BTC and ride the Tour Free
  52. Changes to the Beaverton BAC Meetings
  53. Rock Creek Trail NEEDS your help...
  54. Teen Struck By School Bus In Beaverton
  55. Outline of bicycle lane markings spotted on Capitol overpass at Barbur
  56. Bike lanes appear on SW Lombard
  57. Fanno Creek Trail (East) needs HELP!
  58. U.S. 26: Brookwood Pkwy Interchange project
  59. Banks-Vernonia State Trail thread
  60. Washington County Bike Drive & Sale
  61. $5 Bike Clinics in Hillsboro
  62. Rock Creek Trail Segment 5 Board Meeting
  63. Help yourself, and your community bike center: Fiori...Canadian bike, Italian flair
  64. Beaverton Bike Advisory Committee Meeting...
  65. Vigil for Bret Lewis
  66. Found a bike in Beaverton.
  67. Mucked up Merge on Milikan Way
  68. Biking to theBeaverton Library
  69. Beaverton Bike Map
  70. Habitat for Humanity Re-Use in Beaverton
  71. Bethany Area Biking Boondoggle
  72. Construction alert
  73. Wilshire Blvd HWY 217 overpass TAKE THE LANE!
  74. Beer for Bikes Happy Hour
  75. Washington County Bike Map...revised edition!!
  76. CAUTION! Fanno Creek Trail
  77. Black Holes on Cedar Hills Blvd., Beaverton
  78. Bicycle Recycle-Saturday June 4th
  79. Its a sunny day! Anyone wants to go riding in West side?
  80. Beer and Bikes at the OBF
  81. The Dump Zone on BH
  82. NE 53rd Ave. at W. Baseline Rd. - BIKE LANES!
  83. Fanno Creek Trail at Hall Blvd Trail Crossing
  84. WestSide: Full Moon Night Ride ?
  85. Favorite Western Roads?
  86. Bike Commuting Newb looking for tips
  87. Rear-ended on West Union
  88. Found onpath to Zoo E of Sylvan bike Computer
  89. Closing a gap... SW Durham Rd @ SW Hall/SW 85th
  90. Another low for bike lanes...
  91. Dangerous Curves on the FCT (Now Improved)
  92. Finding Cook Park?
  93. Banks-Vernonia Trail, one more time
  94. Pick Up Your Westside Maps!
  95. Council Crest ride report
  96. Tigard's Bike Lane Improvements...
  97. Fanno Creek Greenway (Hall Blvd crossing) meeting
  98. What about bike lanes on SW Greenway Blvd?‏
  99. Washington County's First Buffered Bike Lane
  100. ...Sigh...
  101. Traffic Light decoder key
  102. We Got SCREWED Tonight... THPRD's Board of Directors meeting
  103. Preview of coming attractions... The New Fanno Creek Trail Segment
  104. Will Beaverton's plans for Urban Renewal promote Walking and Biking and Less Driving?
  105. BTA Strategic Priorities: Washington County 2011/9/29
  106. Interested in a safer Fanno Creek-Hall Blvd crossing?
  107. Light fixed: EB Rock Creek/185th
  108. RR crossing Bike Trap on SW Boones Ferry Rd. Tualatin
  109. More Fanno Creek Trail Closures possible from planned BES sewage pump station
  110. Transportation Development Tax Discounts (ie, LESS ROAD MONEY) also discussed at CPO3
  111. Blind Corner problem on SW Canyon at Westgate
  112. Adopt-A-Bike
  113. Another Barbur Blvd Open House 12/6 5:30-7:30PM
  114. Westside riders, please participate!
  115. Fanno Creek Trail to Close Yet Again?
  116. r-r-r-ribit
  117. Biking, Walking into the future with Beaverton's Civic Plan
  118. Community Invited to Plant Trees, Celebrate Arbor Day with the City of Beaverton
  119. New Bike Shop by Target in Tigard?
  120. Grand Opening Invitation to the WashCo BTC
  121. 1st Full Moon Night Ride of 2012!
  122. Spring Voter Forum in Beaverton
  123. Good News for Rural Riders...
  124. 5th annual Tour de Parks July 21st
  125. Le Grande Tour coming July 21st
  126. Washington County Survey on Bike & Pedestrian Health Impacts
  127. Barbur Improvements
  128. Ignorance, Arrogance, or Incompetence
  129. Donate bikes
  130. Hall Blvd hazards
  131. WashCo BTC Fall Bike Drive
  132. Commuter classes being offered in WC
  133. Washington County Bike Lane and Sidewalk Gap Prioritization Update
  134. Rock Creek Trail / Evergreen Pkwy crossing improvements
  135. Tualitan Valley Hwy Corridor Plan (TVCP)
  136. Powerline Trail / Walker Rd crossing being signalized in Beaverton
  137. WashCo BTC news
  138. Coventry Cycle Works - West
  139. Washington County looking for input on road maintenance
  140. Buffered Bike Lanes on eastbound NW Evergreen
  141. Found Pedals SW Hall & SW 5th Beaverton
  142. Chipsealing in Washington County
  143. Putting in a plug for more Wash Co improvements
  144. Washington County Commissioner Dick Schouten
  145. The Portland Century
  146. Cabot St bike lane obstruction cleared
  147. Used bike shop in Hillsboro?
  148. Planning community infrastructure design for South/North Cooper Mtn
  149. Seeking Newer Riders
  150. Beer for Bikes Fundraiser
  151. North Beaverton trail improvements
  152. WashCo BTC is looking for Bike Camp Instructors