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  1. New Ride Announcements section
  2. Spam sucks
  3. Spam getting worse...
  4. Where to post bicycle related businesses?
  5. RSS feed without stolen listings?
  6. Found Bike
  7. FOUND: Kryptonite U-Lock
  8. Bike found.
  9. We Need Donated Bikes Now More than Ever!
  10. bikey housing
  11. Found jacket on Larch Mtn
  12. Found bike courier bag in Ladd's Addition
  13. Found Kryptonite U Lock
  14. admins - consider avatars
  15. Broken Smilies
  16. Problems joining the forums
  17. Police Seek Hit and Run Witnesses
  18. found keys
  19. server problems ???
  20. Helping families of downed cyclist
  21. Hack Attempt?
  22. I'm aware and working on hack/security issue
  23. spam in your PM box
  24. Titles/Ranks
  25. Board issues, IE Only?
  26. forum default
  27. Policy on Image attachments...
  28. Smilies... again...
  29. Submit bikeportland.org to Google News
  30. Gear Swap?
  31. What do you think about this?
  32. Bike Theives
  33. Front page problems? Anybody else got em?
  34. Calendar: December 2006
  35. West Side Forum
  36. please delete my account!!!!!
  37. Private Messaging Trouble...
  38. Update on PM Spam issue
  39. Resource folder, please
  40. Yes, I'm aware of the spam posting
  41. Testing, testing
  42. No, I have no Idea what happened to the link
  43. Is the forum being hacked?
  44. Out of the loop... Connectivity problems.
  45. what happened to calendar in the sidebar?
  46. can we get the sidebar "Sections" in alphabetical order?
  47. anybody else having trouble replying to articles?
  48. holy news day, Batman!
  49. no more Forums link on main page?
  50. PHP errors in site header using Chrome the last few days...