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  1. Anyone use Rechargeable Batteries for their Lights?
  2. Water bottles and bisephenol-A
  3. Container for large drawings
  4. Best sources for buying used bikes
  5. shipping box borrow
  6. Bike LOCK rack ideas?
  7. What Helmet do you recommend? Looking for a new one.
  8. Crank: Tick, Tack & Snap
  9. Weird elbow soreness
  10. Newborns on bikes
  11. Dangerous Black Locust Trees!!!
  12. Trek Portland and Jorg & Olif
  13. Locker switcheroo -- anyone interested?
  14. Pannier/Messenger/Shoulder bags?
  15. Need a Helmet? $5 Each, no excuses!
  16. 3 rings vs 2 rings
  17. Guys Only!!! Helmets and shaving...
  18. Obscure parts sources?
  19. Small hole in OnGuard U-Lock?
  20. Folding Bike Recommendations?
  21. Advice on locking Burley trailer?
  22. Any advice for painting carbon fiber?
  23. best wrench on the west side?
  24. Bicycle Duffle bags...........
  25. Building a road bike: advice/recommendations?
  26. Flashlights as budget headlights
  27. Hybrid Pedals (i.e. Platform/clipless combos)
  28. Dollar store flashlights to help the poor...
  29. Odd-sized screws and parts
  30. Team Columbia Gear
  31. Panniers
  32. Anti-Theft Deterents
  33. Downshifting As A Courtsey...
  34. Fun w/flickr... Uploading pics...
  35. Gears: derailleur and multispeed cassette in back with just one chainring in front?
  36. Suggestions for cycling glasses?
  37. A Pictures Worth...
  38. Kind of a dumb question about my Cilo frame
  39. How often do you replace your helmet?
  40. SWM 39 seeks info on Cycle Oregon...
  41. Prepping for da Rain
  42. Advice on selling bike/components
  43. The Flat Tire, and Karma...
  44. ENO cranks
  45. Build a Touring bike
  46. Close Call While Dreaming?
  47. Reporting a car in the bike lane.
  48. need a bike fit
  49. fork repair?
  50. Fixing a flat on a rear wheel with 8-speed internal hub.
  51. Front panniers - how low to go?
  52. Frame Repair
  53. Opinions/ideas needed
  54. Grate Danger! New tool in the battle...
  55. DIY Lights
  56. How to return a found Credit Card...
  57. Theft of one (cheap) pedal?
  58. .5 c+
  59. Shake down cruise a success!
  60. Left Shifter Trouble
  61. Bottom Bracket / Crank Noise!!! Help....
  62. Schwalbes?
  63. Experiences with bike buckets sought...
  64. Pannier Help
  65. Replacing Dangerous Drain Grates 101
  66. Bike Trailer suggestions for hauling a tuba
  67. Ever use the Radio Shack VOX walkie talkie?
  68. Local wheelbuilding classes?
  69. Mom wants a kickstand... I'm against it...
  70. Who do you call? Vegetation issues...
  71. Squealing brakes
  72. Bike rack help
  73. PDXTrans put on a bike bucket class... (10/01/08 )
  74. Bike Size 56 or 58?
  75. Time To Check Those Lights... Batteries...
  76. Brooks Saddles
  77. What are your favorite toe clips? I've been having problems
  78. Freddy Fenders and the Superflash...
  79. Touring frame sizing
  80. Bike Computers... Great Motivation to Ride!
  81. Lights?
  82. Naked legs...
  83. Improv fender ideas?
  84. Retro-reflective film VS. Front reflector...
  85. Headlight Shootout... Blind Opinion test.
  86. Slicks for Mountain Bike
  87. Don't Talk to the Cops
  88. Attaching Lights
  89. El cheapo LED Flashlight test
  90. Recommendations for good rain tires - road (700x23-25)
  91. Back surgery/back on my bike
  92. Cateye sensor
  93. Trailer to haul maps to events
  94. Longtail bikes on TriMet
  95. Who to call about low branches...
  96. Bike for amputee
  97. got lights?
  98. Fat v. Skinny (tires, not people)
  99. Short term bike rentals?
  100. Handlebar bag - product recommendations, feature suggestions?
  101. Vehicle top load racks for bikes, etc.
  102. Lights interfere with wireless computer
  103. Commuting tip - bike wash
  104. Bob Yak Plus vs. Panniers
  105. What to do with tired batteries?
  106. Aids in Navigation... Red and Green reflectors.
  107. OK, with the possible snow this weekend...
  108. The search for the perfect bike:
  109. DIY Studded Tires...
  110. GPS troubles... I need help!
  111. Headlamp / tailight suggestions?
  112. Pennsylvania DOT Publication 380
  113. LED Bicycle Lights
  114. Rebuild advice needed
  115. Plan(s) for home-built bike locker?
  116. Another Driving Challenge
  117. local source for sheldon fender nuts?
  118. Appendicitis? Cycling after the experience?
  119. STP Seattle To Portland
  120. Gloves
  121. Bike Repair Stand Recommendations?
  122. Tubus or Surly Nice Rear Rack?
  123. Commuting Tips and Tricks
  124. Favorite Saddle Bags?
  125. pondering single-speed conversion for 70s Pug
  126. Tip: How to tell the difference between tips, or advice
  127. Spare Tire Hazard...
  128. Helmets in Vancouver
  129. Building a road bike on the cheap
  130. Where to get GORE-TEX RideOn cables?
  131. Pause & Reflect
  132. Asus Eee PC 1000HE Netbook for Touring?
  133. Recommended Socks - Sandals ?
  134. Cycling Dress Shorts?
  135. Bike Shops/coops that might buy used bikes?
  136. SE bike mechanic recommendations?
  137. What a Card! Bike Cleaning Tips, ICQ
  138. Negotiate w/ LBS?
  139. Found cable lock last night...
  140. Where to buy new 20 inch bike for my daughter
  141. XTAR SSC P7 LED 18650 Rechargeable Flashlight 400 Lumens
  142. Locking up my Brooks saddle?
  143. Poor shifting, only in center cogs in rear?
  144. Ortlieb Panniers ?
  145. Craigslist... Prevent your bike from being stollen
  146. Tip: Parallel train/streetcar tracks? Just stay away!
  147. How ICE can save your life.
  148. Odometer magnets
  149. Dealing with sweat
  150. G.I Joes sale
  151. Metro Area phone contacts...
  152. Considering a new bike, seek advice on Hybrids
  153. It's time for a new bike. Kona Sutra, perhaps? Any suggestions?
  154. Cyclists want action on dangerous storm drains
  155. Tips on going clipless... ICQ
  156. My 1st Cycling Shoes... (and welcome to them)
  157. U-Lock Question - Lost Keys
  158. A fix to what ail's ya - link.
  159. MEN ONLY.... A sensitive topic: Chafing
  160. Ok, next step... Socks
  161. New Paint Job?
  162. Super C Rear Panniers (pair)
  163. Walking funny after going clipless...
  164. Bike Lane leaving curb for right turn lane, what do you do?
  165. DIY Neck Cooling Wraps
  166. Long Term Bike Parking for Downtown Portland
  167. Dealing with 4-way stops on group rides.
  168. Mirrors... Any Suggestions?
  169. Xtracycle on Amtrak?
  170. Beaverton's Agressive Driver's phone number...
  171. Laptop Commuting Bags
  172. bike repair
  173. single speed MTB gearing for road
  174. amber LED side markers?
  175. Bikes on Amtrak - Coast Starlight
  176. Mechanic stuff: stuck stem unstuck!
  177. Cheap and easy mudflaps for SKS P45 fenders
  178. New Rider to PDX
  179. Axiom panniers?
  180. Rain pants...
  181. Need to Raise Handlebars 4-6 Inches ...
  182. Looking for bombproof 700c touring rims
  183. anti-fog for glasses?
  184. Buses, and Bicycle Fenders??
  185. Advice on rack/panniers...
  186. New use for dead tire... Clothing!
  187. TriMet's Distracted Drivers (better look out)...
  188. To the guy who flipped me off
  189. Bikes at Work Trailers ... ???
  190. Meadow Muffins... Horses on the Springwater...
  191. Can't say I didn't warn him...
  192. Grip tape adhesive removal?
  193. Dangerous Defects in the Panaracer Crosstown Tires...
  194. Bars and tape
  195. Dead Bell in the rain
  196. A friendly warning... to thieves
  197. The Bike You Save Could Be Your Own!!!
  198. Touring Gear List w/ Pictures?
  199. Cut Resistance: Kryptonite Chain vs. U Lock?
  200. What do people think of Illuminite?
  201. Local source for fender nuts?
  202. Frame Mods
  203. Local source for a ground anchor?
  204. What To Do After the Collision– You Thought You Were Fine But Now Know You Are Hurt
  205. The best rain gear is...
  206. Lookin at a new bike
  207. How to repair lycra bike shorts?
  208. Here's an Idea I like...
  209. Oh! I Have Just Gotta Get Me One Of These...
  210. Frame repair advice! Help!
  211. Off Topic... Help! I need BBQ!
  212. Antique Bikes
  213. Anyone Know how to convert a jogging stroller to a bike trailer?
  214. Good videocam for biking?
  215. Cycling With Your Camera - What Is The Best Way?
  216. Crank Arm Length Myths
  217. Ride between the raindrops: Precipitation forecast animation from UW
  218. Generator hubs
  219. Hauling - cargo bikes and trailers
  220. Nice Deals on Apparel Usable for Cycling
  221. Fixing the elastic band on bike pannier bag
  222. Sticky Ortlieb Zipper
  223. "Performance" pannier doesn't perform
  224. Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl
  225. Benotto Bar Tape?
  226. Gotta love them self sealing tubes...
  227. Dual Action Cassette!!
  228. Dinotte taillights?
  229. Light in Motion rear blinky question
  230. Insurance query
  231. Deals for the Low Budget Cyclist
  232. Presta and Schrader valves
  233. OT: My CPAP croaked...
  234. PIAA Wheel LED's for safety!
  235. Camping: Comfy Pillows and ground Pads??
  236. Review: Crank Brothers & Topeak Morph mini-pumps
  237. 105 2x9
  238. A better saddle?
  239. Lost / Stolen / Missing Bicycles
  240. shifting issue (advice, ideas needed
  241. Rotating your tires?
  242. Krylon Fusion: Spray paint your faded bags.
  243. To the Frizzy, Dizzy, Blonde at 231st Ave!
  244. Uses for Sharpie Pens
  245. Anti Theft Vid. Watch this and smile
  246. rear brake clicking problem
  247. Squeeky disc
  248. Nice Rain Poncho at a reasonable price.
  249. Cheap ShowersPass Jackets
  250. REI Winter sale