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  1. What a difference $24 million would make... map?
  2. Bike Lawn Mower
  3. out & about in NE/SE
  4. Brooks sent me a package from Italy today
  5. http://www.dothetest.co.uk/
  6. Journalistic Integrity, Proper Research, and Anti-Bicycle/Pedestrian Slant
  7. Broken images?
  8. C'mon....Portland
  9. Good Article on Portland Cycling Scene
  10. To the woman who crashed on Interstate this morning
  11. Cycling Etiquette
  12. Breaking Away... and other bike movies...
  13. Reach the Beach 2008 - Round trip ride
  14. Austin Miller Investigation
  15. Locally made bike saddles?
  16. Thankyou Portland!
  17. n00b - Rules question
  18. Tom Potter's Editiorial today....
  19. Get the Hell off the Bikelane!!!
  20. Need An X-large Bike May 2-5 - Urgent!
  21. Terror then Pleasure...
  22. SE Madison and Grand bus stop
  23. The Odyssey Begins
  24. Dammit, and other bike names...
  25. My New Repair Stand... Delayed...
  26. Workplace Advocacy...
  27. Aloha Folks...
  28. Bike Beats Car in Bike Car Commuter Race
  29. My Own Private Earth Day
  30. Commuting in New York City
  31. Australia: Driver takes out 50 cyclists in training...
  32. Bikes on the Max - good discussion ( S- Hooks?)
  33. Learning the hard way
  34. close encounter with a door...
  35. Dirty Truck... Big Smile!
  36. One Less Obstacle in Tualatin...
  37. Preview of coming attractions???
  38. "...summertime, and the livin' is easy..."
  39. Let's hear it from the Southerners.
  40. Helmet Funk
  41. Theft Recovery Registration
  42. Shocking Experience Today...
  43. Drive-by fruiting... Thrown objects?
  44. Gas, An Old Solution... Revisited?
  45. Be glad you don't live in Chicago
  46. Ride of Silence: what time [Beaverton]
  47. Check out this helmet...
  48. Where to buy staple type bike racks in Portland?
  49. Amtrak train collides with, kills cyclist...
  50. Train horns in Portland
  51. The Bicycle - 7th Wonder of the World!
  52. New Challenging Place to Ride...
  53. Cyclist hits Ped... Not Good... 5/23/8
  54. Steel Bridge
  55. How long does it take to offset the production of my bike?
  56. "On Your Left": The courtesy of annoucing a pass
  57. Broadway Bridge Question
  58. Hit on 10/12/07, Out-of-State Students...
  59. green bike pix
  60. What's Your Guilty Pleasure...
  61. Actions by Nice Drivers...
  62. Do cops ever go undercover on bicycles to catch bad drivers?
  63. Another cyclist hits a ped...
  64. Helmets for Drivers?
  65. the most non-earth-friendly bike out there
  66. total bike destruction
  67. Greeting downtown vs. outskirt
  68. The Staggering Cost of Teen Driving...
  69. NYT Article Refrences Cycling in NE Portland
  70. Best local shop for clothing?
  71. Global Bike Trends and Facts, oh my!
  72. A Fool and Her Money...
  73. Idea for new drivers...
  74. Counting Bikes
  75. Hawthorne Bridge Guy
  76. Can Someone Bail Me Out???
  77. Drains on SW Broadway, Beaverton...
  78. Where's The Bike Racks?
  79. Car crashes into bike race; pic included
  80. Designs / photos for 'bike-ports'?
  81. Are fixies a problem?
  82. WB 99W *STILL* needs attention...
  83. Grate Danger!
  84. This Week's Top 5 Topics...
  85. Biking While Intoxicated...
  86. How to carry my dog?
  87. Wow... Was This Ahead of the Times or What?
  88. Dangerous Curves...
  89. bike stickers...
  90. stolen bike
  91. shared housing
  92. Bike Tattoos? Got one?
  93. Some thoughts on bike theft.
  94. FOUND: Cignal Road bike with Canadian flag sticker
  95. Bike Homicide Law mentioned on KPTV
  96. Tour de France viewing
  97. Ridiculous, Expensive, and Possibly Completely Ludicrous, yet Awesome Dream Projects
  98. Bicycle Education & Licensing
  99. Reverend Phil tasered by police?
  100. Cyclist's Union
  101. Bike Memory w/Dad...
  102. Commute Pattern
  103. Bakfeit style trailer? (child + cargo)
  104. Punk Kids on MAX
  105. Beginner 'cross seminar
  106. Hit on 10/12/07... Eight Months Later...
  107. Blue Smoke? Who do you call?
  108. Bicycle Art
  109. Riding Just Feels Better.
  110. Today is the Ninth Anniversary...
  111. New bicycle skills/motivation program seeks students & feedback
  112. Safe Journeys mike_khad1
  113. Actions by Nice Bike Shops!
  114. Nearly free bicycle classes. Join BIKEmpowered’s Kickoff Exchange.
  115. Big Business and Automobile Ads
  116. All public intersections are CROSSWALKS!
  117. What Have YOU Done Today?
  118. Ride for Austin 6/14/08 my report...
  119. Thank you C-Tran
  120. Our first tandem commute!
  121. Dude with the "I Share the Road" bumper sticker on his helmet!
  122. Victim Of My Own Success...
  123. A memorial for a friend and a cycling visionary
  124. Naked Fixie Tasered by Rev Phil's Zombie Roadies Memorial Trackstand Clinic
  125. First Impressions of Sunday Parkways
  126. Just silly and naive
  127. Robert Verrinder News?
  128. "I am not pro-bike"
  129. Very weird question, please help?
  130. Springwater Corridor Vortex???
  131. Those max tracks on Couch and First
  132. Trimet giving tickets to non-hung bikes
  133. 50th and Division crash 6/21/08
  134. Vancouver ride to MCBF?
  135. Bike Vendor presence @ NAOBF...
  136. Everybody passed her by.
  137. Appologies To Truck in Ladd's
  138. Electra Amsterdam
  139. GT I-Drive stolen
  140. Smoke Alert!
  141. knee injury\advice
  142. To the fair weather spandex clown pedaling up SW Main
  143. Teens Arrested In Happy Valley Attack...
  144. Lost Opportunity...
  145. Unicycles Rule!
  146. Lost Opportunity... Whats Worse...
  147. Frame building?
  148. Crash tonight on Springwater
  149. How do you know when small kids are ready to ride their own bikes on a MUP?
  150. Bike Ghosts
  151. Article in Seattle Times about Increase in Bike Commuting
  152. What is legal anyway? dialogue with angry driver
  153. almost hit by cop
  154. I5 Northbound? Surprise!!!
  155. Bike Jam!
  156. Funny times in the saddle
  157. incident in LA
  158. Great Oil Supply Related Clip
  159. Another Obstacle To Cycling Goes Away...
  160. KEEP OFF The Bike Lane!!!!
  161. Some bike lights=WAY too bright
  162. Not A Bad Cop Story...
  163. thanks!
  164. MAX and Bikes
  165. Caution: Open Quick Release's
  166. Hazards Heads-Up
  167. Bikes, bikes, bikes, bikes, bikes.....
  168. Stop sign a Yield Sign ?
  169. witness -- minor bike/car collision at SE 8th & Hawthorne, 7/16
  170. Thoughts on spandex, lycra, and consumer culture
  171. Bicycle license endorcements?
  172. Your favorite night route/pleasure ride?
  173. Bad KATU Story
  174. Limo Driver! Hey!
  175. Oregonlive: "Cyclist smashes window of TriMet bus"
  176. Lane Sharing == Reckless Driving?
  177. Are you kidding me?!
  178. Fxies! (not what you think)
  179. Hit and Run reported on KPTV 7/18/08
  180. Lots Of Good News... Lots Of Bad News
  181. the bike gallery and shouting at cyclists
  182. Up and Down germantown Rd. on my SS (48/17)
  183. Small group of non-doping cyclists finish tour
  184. The $2,860,000.00 Scare Tactic
  185. extra extra
  186. stay in the lane
  187. How to turn six bike parking slots into one
  188. Random attack
  189. NPR/OPB commentary this morning
  190. Stolen Bike?
  191. Worst Intersection on SpringWater..
  192. bike/pedestrian bridge in North Portland
  193. Cool handlebar source
  194. Jeremy Jordan court date info:
  195. sobering thought...
  196. Car hits bike on SE Stark
  197. Another Media Blunder
  198. Ununisured motorist/Stolen Car idea...
  199. hey, here's a singularly poor idea
  200. My year of living carlessly: blog and life
  201. Advocacy in the Press
  202. Cycling Busness burns...
  203. (Rider-Driver) vs. Rider
  204. Where Do You Take The Lane?
  205. The O on bikeportland.org's mandatory helmet discussion
  206. Another Truck in the bike lane near Springwater Trail
  207. Colors can mean life or death
  208. Video of Sellwood to Pearl ride
  209. Driver inaction
  210. I've been noticing...
  211. Chicago info? Anyone? Bueller?
  212. Reports on Beaverton Bike Advisory Committee
  213. It's Bike Camping Season - Again!
  214. Different infant and young child carrying options?
  215. What's that mnemonic...
  216. Icons...
  217. Beautiful bike-oriented photo exhibit and talk Aug 9
  218. Learning to ride a bicycle when you're 25 or 35 ...
  219. Had dinner with Jonathan last night...
  220. CO driver hits cyclists, charged with murder
  221. Isn't it usually possible to choose another route?
  222. Illegaly parked vehicles
  223. DOH! Homer Moment... Meeting Scott Bricker
  224. Cyclist Attacked By Two In Tualatin
  225. Anyone want to take a bike mechanic class?
  226. Tragedy Strikes in Central Oregon
  227. It's Hot! Keep an eye on Air Quality!
  228. New reason to register bikes...
  229. Tour De Fat... Parade pics...
  230. WSDOT fun.
  231. Sellwood bridge closed to cars, but not peds and bikes
  232. Funny Bike Lane Fail
  233. u-locks on bikeracks
  234. Bike Lanes = More Pollution?
  235. Posting from Ray Thomas We All Should Read
  236. Beware of cyclists at Dem Convention
  237. Editing...
  238. "Motorcycles use extreme caution"
  239. Imitation the sincerest form of flattery
  240. Worst. Park. Job(s). Ever.
  241. Dangerous Storm Grates ...
  242. Story on Training Cyclists
  243. Helicopters over Portland?
  244. Colorado (Governor) Hickenlooper High
  245. Miami Beach Cabbie Hits 11 cyclists Sunday..
  246. Cross dressing jewelry thief uses bike...
  247. Sale/trade Folder
  248. Jonathan scoops KPTV 8/26/08
  249. Support the Springwater Corridor
  250. the myth of the scofflaw cyclist