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  1. Insurance Settlement... yeah right!
  2. Do you wear black when you ride?
  3. NEW Cycling Clothing Retail Outlet Portland Oregon
  4. who carries surly?
  5. Geared or single speed for commuting....?
  6. Book Review
  7. Do you carry mace/pepper/tazer?
  8. Fairmount is resurfaced
  9. Which LBS has the best deals in pdx?
  10. Reliable Builder?
  11. KGW story tonight
  12. Bike Soccer
  13. I found your bike
  14. Hit on 10/12/07...3 weeks later... they find...
  15. Incorrect and perilous advice from Portland Police?
  16. help suggest training schedule?
  17. Bike Law Guide/Wiki?
  18. Learn Oregon Bike Law... Free Clinics
  19. Two types of motorists...
  20. Glow-in-the-Dark Bike
  21. KATU throws gas on cyclists vs cars
  22. Hazard reporting - ways to improve?
  23. Assault on driver
  24. When Safe Means Illegal
  25. Can I draft?
  26. How to Mount a Light to a Helmet
  27. Right of way granted by gravity?
  28. Consumer Consequences Game on publicradio.org
  29. to the biker on clinton with the big, blue, goofy, clown shoe adidas
  30. Free Cycling Cap Day! Friday and Saturday
  31. Streetfinds! What's Your Coolest?
  32. Coasting: The Sport
  33. A close call in Sellwood Saturday evening. Bike smart, folks!
  34. Cyclists, Motorcyclists have much in common...
  35. Stop the War!!! On Bicylists!!!
  36. HAWK Signal Question
  37. YARH - Yet Another Right Hook
  38. Maybe this doesn't fit here
  39. De-icer question
  40. Springwater Trail Riders can help stop vandal harassing cats under the R.I. Bridge
  41. New Shop in OC - Predatory Offender?
  42. The $100,000.00 Scare Tactic
  43. Moving to Portland this December from Louisiana [Need Help!]
  44. Why Wear A Helmet? NYC's Stats
  45. To the jerk cyclist on NE12th at 6pm last night...
  46. CNN Anchor in Bike Accident
  47. I need help!
  48. Tigard Bike Advisory Committee?
  49. FOUND: set of keys @ SE 21st & Harrison
  50. people who yell
  51. Hit and Run Vehicle found, help id driver!
  52. Evel Knievel is dead. Salute to Evel.
  53. Right hooked, driver cited, THEN found NOT GUILTY by PODUNK Judge!!!!
  54. Weirdness in Sellwood
  55. B.I.K.E. vs S.U.V.
  56. Idea for new Law. Major Road Projects MUST...
  57. Music Video w/Bikes!
  58. Blumenauer Tax Break:
  59. Advertising on Bike Portland
  60. sooo nice!
  61. Cyclists don't like traffic calming islands?
  62. Newbie question about this site...
  63. Bike Haiku
  64. Hit By A Minivan On Ne 42nd Near Sandy
  65. Burnside / Esplanade Staircase Door Locked!!
  66. Rating threads? How come so few are?
  67. Newbies, Please read this before posting...
  68. Moving from Australia to Portland (Intro)
  69. Stolen 925?
  70. bike mugging! man arrested!
  71. Bicyclist v. Car Dealership in Beaverton
  72. Visiting Portland soon, need advice
  73. Why I oppose bicycle equipment laws
  74. Avatars... Jonathan fixed them...
  75. Right Hook Prevention
  76. Brand New Invention
  77. andwebike.com
  78. Girl from Down Under TV Bike Tours?
  79. Commuting Portland on bike guide
  80. Advice and brilliant ideas needed
  81. Hurray, you're alive!
  82. Bicycle-related product recalls
  83. Found bike
  84. Hit on 10/12/07... I'm free of the BRACE!!!
  85. What was your first cool bike?
  86. Emerging from the tunnel
  87. What bike goodness are you hoping for under the tree?
  88. Fridays stop sign sting on spring water trail....
  89. Beaverton is a little safer for peds/bikes
  90. Disappointment w/clothing manufacturers...
  91. Daily Commute Thread
  92. Yearly Mileage... What's Yours?
  93. Vulnerable Users... It's HERE! YAY!!!
  94. Coming changes at Hawthorne Fred Meyer
  95. What would you change about this city's biking infrastructure?
  96. Stolen Peugeots + others
  97. Airless Tires
  98. Cycle Oregon Training Series??
  99. Never get doored again.
  100. Scary car ad...
  101. New Bike Trail To the Coast?
  102. Pedal Power...
  103. Driving w/o Lights on...
  104. Another win for bike/peds in Beaverton...
  105. See Something? Say Something...
  106. Why can't we have different penalties for different level of DUI
  107. Gravel... Sure they can put it down...
  108. A New Way to Park Bicycles...
  109. upcycle... I should stay away from YouTube...
  110. One down - black ice, again.......
  111. Reach the Beach registration
  112. Congressman Earl
  113. Lost U-Lock and keys
  114. Graffiti on traffic signs on bike routes
  115. Cyclists want 3 feet
  116. Tax Deductions.
  117. Better done on a bike...
  118. Secretary of DOT writes about gas taxes
  119. Messenger suicide
  120. Portland's future?
  121. So I moved to downtown PDX and I'm bored as hell..Where to bike?
  122. Maybe it's a light at the end of the tunnel
  123. SW Watson, yields contiuned frustration...
  124. Spotted myself on FOX 12 tonight!...
  125. Who pays for our roads?
  126. Ghost bikes removed
  127. Esplanade / Burnside Staircase CLOSED!!!
  128. Press Printing
  129. Sunday Parkways
  130. Share The Road Plate, Spotted my 1st one...
  131. help with product developement
  132. Icy roads
  133. SW Watson, Bikes/Peds/ADA Wins!!!!
  134. Sheldon Brown, RIP
  135. Lent... What are you giving up for it?
  136. Fairly new around here...
  137. Cycle Oregon on PBS
  138. Hand Made bike show
  139. Silent Hybrid problems?
  140. Bike Poetry
  141. Spend your "economic stimulus" rebate in the PDX cycling community
  142. Cyclist Killed in Beaverton in collision with bus
  143. What if Flashing Front Lights Were Common?
  144. Motorcycle cops out @ N. Flint and Broadway
  145. which local bike builder?
  146. Cyclist Hit Near OHSU
  147. Roadside Memorials for Bicyclists...
  148. Lance Armstrong opening bike shop, Portland OR. mentioned in article
  149. It's coming Monday
  150. The Car Salesman...
  151. Bump... Er... Biker Stickers?
  152. Classic or Vintage Type of Events???
  153. Rider Down
  154. What shop in my week in Portland?
  155. Springwater Corridor safety issue
  156. Hit and Run Driver caught, but protected by PPB
  157. Someone was hit... my phone rings...
  158. A Hazard that's close to home...
  159. Biker or Cyclist?
  160. Rider down, but she's OK, just a lil scrapey
  161. Sound off about Filmed by Bike
  162. Best thing I've ever read about cycling
  163. To Springwater Trail kissy-face bike guy
  164. NE 42nd Station - too crowded for bike at rush hour?
  165. KPTV's Real Teen on Austin Miller...
  166. FOUND - Peugeot bike in Hawthorne area
  167. Now You See It... Now You Don't...
  168. Austin Miller, New info...
  169. Another reason why we should put a license on a bicycle
  170. For my next Trick...
  171. Hit on 10/12/07... Is He Insured???
  172. STOLEN - Black Bontrager Bladed Front Wheel (Grand Goodwill SE)
  173. How Long is the Circus In Town?
  174. Hocus Pocus...
  175. Police Sting: Mar 10 @ SE 4th & Caruthers
  176. Cop veers into cyclists, kills 2, seriously injures 3rd
  177. Estimating bicycle damage
  178. Interesting Advert
  179. Just a reminder
  180. City's Clinton Bike Boulevard Survey
  181. Surgeon General's announcement...
  182. Awareness Test
  183. Camping x/xtracycle and kid?
  184. Sidewalk cycling incident.
  185. Advice in the event of an accident?
  186. Web help sought for green bicycling business concept
  187. Ride On cables
  188. pk doesn't like it when cars aim at him
  189. How many gears do I need?
  190. a year's worth of wear...
  191. KPTV on Bike Boxes (3/17/8)
  192. Loaner bikes?
  193. Baby biker would love help!
  194. Bike Move
  195. does the Portland area suck for mountain biking, or what?
  196. Red lights on the fronts of bikes?????
  197. Please Don't Drop In...
  198. Do you wear underwear under your spandex?
  199. Is there a proper way to put on the "mack" while riding?
  200. Brooks Team Pro / Swift - where to buy?
  201. Reporting Hazards...
  202. new share roadway markers????
  203. Carrying a Bike on a Prius?
  204. Hit and Run on SE Hawthorne Last Night
  205. An Ode to BikePortland.org...
  206. Smell that smell?
  207. Bridge biking?
  208. Saturday Night Springwater Trail Ride:
  209. Hopworks Urban Brewery now open...
  210. New law idea... Retesting?
  211. Slightly OT: how are motorcyclists regarded?
  212. Where Stolen Bikes Go To Die & Why
  213. Right Hook Sites and Sharps in the Bike Lane
  214. The Test: Excellent demonstration of attention
  215. FOUND: possibly stolen brakeless fixed gear
  216. An Inconvenient Ride
  217. Has Hell Frozen Over?
  218. Cyclist involved accident - 12th & Lovejoy
  219. No idea how to change a flat.
  220. does this work?
  221. Trash Talk in Tigard...
  222. Casual pants?
  223. Better to own a car than to rent?
  224. Danger Sign...
  225. Gloves?
  226. Cyclists Win Landmark Ruling vs Florida DOT
  227. FOUND: bike glove
  228. Bike Pins? Meaning?
  229. topics needed...
  230. The biggest guitar shaped bike ?
  231. License Cyclists
  232. Can BIke Lights Be Too Bright To Be Legal?
  233. Cool Historical Bike Tech info...
  234. Biker down at OHSU
  235. Bike missing from Filmed by Bike is safe
  236. Motorized things in bike lanes
  237. What Do You Carry? Why?
  238. WTF is it about Brett J's memorial bike?
  239. Stop! Walk Bike!!!
  240. bike storage @ work
  241. Source for ORS regarding bikes
  242. LED Cycling Jacket
  243. Bob Mionske on Blaming the Victim
  244. Mayor Potter from a parallel universe
  245. Standard driveway details
  246. Should Tour De France be Canceled?
  247. Countdown Traffic Signals
  248. STP Training
  249. First unpleasantness on the Big Dummy
  250. A matter of scale?