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  1. Wanted: Reynolds 531 road frame, don't care about brands or scratches
  2. Help the Velodrome!!!!!!
  3. crazy hawthorne bridge passing
  4. Awesome Video...Motivation.
  5. BTA Honors Jonathan Maus of BikePortland.org
  6. FOUND bike - 26th and Clinton
  7. Cyclists make good hood ornaments...
  8. Convince me not to drive
  9. Alternative clean transport?
  10. Thought I'd say hello.
  11. Be a Part of EarthDay
  12. Rites of Spring writeup- finally!
  13. Biking cops in Mexico
  14. Glass
  15. Mount Tabor -- out of control?
  16. Great experiences on today's ride
  17. Humbled by RR tracks
  18. Vancouver/Williams Speed Sensor Personal Bests
  19. What is a stop?
  20. Saying hello
  21. Bike Theft Vigilantism
  22. Salem Launches Bicycle Registry Program
  23. Country Drivers and Riding
  24. Advice About Locks
  25. Who is the licence plate bender????
  26. I am sorry - to the woman in the Outback
  27. serial number info
  28. looking for vacant storefront space for pedalpalooza event
  29. Officious "I-205 bike path cleanup" thread - NEXT WEEKEND!
  30. Warning (Cops ticketing near Broadway bridge)
  31. Nice knowing you Last Thursday
  32. wtb: 700c back wheel and seat post
  33. Seattle to Portland, training partners wanted
  34. movies in Ladds (April 30)
  35. Anyone know about this bike?
  36. Riding on the sidewalk...?
  37. Found, May 5th: Specialized road bike
  38. My neighborhood needs a bike shop!
  39. do you commute on I-205 path?
  40. Now lets get the 205 detour streets swept
  41. possible stolen track bike?
  42. please look for colin's stolen bike in vancouver, WA!
  43. Bicyclist Attacked in SE
  44. I am not a racist....
  45. bike helmets inspire unsafe driving
  46. Fat Man On Bike Episode 7
  47. Cycling Friendly Cities Video -- Must See
  48. Vancouver Auction
  49. Reach the Beach ride home
  50. reporting broken glass in vancouver
  51. The Story of the Man as Weird as a 2 Dollar Bill
  52. Injured riders at Reach The Beach
  53. Portland Cyclewear Responds
  54. Mad Props to TriMet
  55. new...just want to say good morning
  56. Cyclist hit by car, did you see it?
  57. Great old Triumph bike found
  58. Racer Seriously Hurt
  59. Car for bike exchange?
  60. PDX to Costa Rica
  61. Got a huge ticket this weekend, need advice
  62. Negative Experience with "Mechanics".
  63. Please Spread Politeness
  64. anyone else?
  65. tickets at ankeny intersections
  66. Cops on Springwater
  67. PIR Race Question
  68. ATTENTION: PEDALPHILE, name change
  69. BikeFiets HOW MUCH??
  70. disappearing comments
  71. Beware: Wire Was Strung Across I5 Bike Path
  72. Best PDX Bike tool dealers?
  73. Does yielding to pedestrians actually mean...
  74. I wannabe a fixed gear hipster
  75. first official commuting day... or....thank god for the oregonian bikers
  76. Anybody want to ride BMX with me?
  77. Cars really hate bikes in this city
  78. Mt Tabor series: Your lap time?
  79. hey zoobombers...
  80. possibly moving to portland....
  81. Gasp! Share your choking experiences...
  82. Removing a headbadge
  83. Police "Enforcement" SE 20th & Harrison
  84. Stolen bikes -Cannondale make a move
  85. Tour on TV?
  86. I was thanked twice yesterday!
  87. Direct Action
  88. Bike Rack Advertising - Kryptoseduction??
  89. Cycling Bliss
  90. Drive a pedicab for $25/hr
  91. Pedal power!
  92. Why don't you wear a helmet?
  93. My housemate was hit.
  94. Bike Metal
  95. Fixie mythbusting
  96. Please help me build my bike
  97. Bike shop for women?
  98. Please please please mind your own business!
  99. Bit by neighbors dog - what next?
  100. Portland July 7 to 11
  101. Need low-cost bike, short-term
  102. Found stolen bike - police no help
  103. nice guy on TV Hwy today!
  104. INFO REQUEST-Cyclist vs Car this AM involving Lifeflight
  105. Bike Rental Near Reed College?
  106. Used bike dealers in PDX?
  107. Looking for a touring oriented LBS
  108. another abandoned nice bike??
  109. Glass in the path!
  110. How much did the "I Share the Road Class" save you?
  111. Are you in SE? Help a fellow cyclist and get a beer!
  112. Off topic: reporting drug dealers
  113. Signal for right turn
  114. mounting expandable baton on frame
  115. hip hop + bikes = awesome
  116. Saw some guy riding my stolen bike yesterday in St John's
  117. Portland Cyclewear Knickers Review
  118. Midnight Mystery Riders
  119. Alternate 205 bike path route
  120. I love this
  121. bike messengers
  122. Tar Ramp by Opera Building
  123. Bike violence victim sought
  124. Safety
  125. Bike Park
  126. PDOT Bicycle Brown Bag??
  127. Sweet bicycle saftey film from 1963
  128. Portland Tribune 7/20 Article: "More Butts on Bikes"
  129. Who's been to a recyclery swap meet
  130. Can we do anything?
  131. Cyclist asked to move bike from public bike rack
  132. Monday morning madness..
  133. take a chill pill before you get on the hawthorne bridge man
  134. chill out on the bridge man!
  135. Cyclist-Pedestrision collision at ~6:20am, 7/25 on the Springwater
  136. will i be okay on my jcpenney cruiser?
  137. Courtesy on the Sellwood Bridge, please
  138. "Bud Clark is My Mayor" Stickers?
  139. accident witness: bike hit by car in Pearl
  140. Update: Bike ticket (traffic violation)
  141. neck injury
  142. Brew Fest
  143. Downtown sidewalks-- illegal to bike on? What is the "Core"?
  144. Anyone know of "Sharrows" in Portland Proper?
  145. Good local wheel people?
  146. Stolen bikes
  147. decorating with broken bottles?
  148. superlight tote wanted
  149. Pervert on Oaks Bottom Park Trail
  150. what services would increase # & destinations of cyclists?
  151. Decommission the Sellwood Bridge
  152. Interstate Avenue Light Timing
  153. Bike/Car wars in Los Angeles (video)
  154. FYI.. Recalled Raleigh Carbonage Carbon Forks
  155. Need help with a trailer mod
  156. Bike on MAX Survey being handed out
  157. Eco Columnists Wanted
  158. Riding up Main on the way to Broadway
  159. Help with traffic violation ticket
  160. Hit by car on commute home...
  161. Maintenance Numbers/Stickers
  162. Does the US Make Bikes
  163. Stub Stewart State Park is NOT Bike Friendly
  164. Black-riding the Bridge pedal
  165. Official '07 Bridge Pedal Posts
  166. Your experience in court for traffic ticket?
  167. Get a real bike he said... Get bent I thought.
  168. "Performance" Commuting & Bike Security
  169. Interested in tours?
  170. Rider Down
  171. Looking for Lawyers
  172. Stolen Scattante CFR Road Bike?
  173. Bike part Donations
  174. Vandalism of Parked Bike at SE 2nd & Salmon
  175. lost camera Tour de Fat
  176. Bike lock ettiquette?
  177. Re: Moving to PDX next month...
  178. Interested in blogging?
  179. Biking in Seattle
  180. Direct action to shut down dangerous impatient drivers.
  181. Just Got Pulled Over at SE 26th and Gladstone
  182. Portland Century
  183. I figured it out, becoming a hipster
  184. Bike theft in DC area
  185. Would it help if I were naked?
  186. One way bike lanes South Waterfront
  187. Found: Photo Portfolio
  188. Seeking riding partners for mtn biking this weekend
  189. Peep's Ride or Critical Mass...
  190. Fixies + No Brakes = Just plain stupid
  191. bike dance troupes: whatever.
  192. Cascade Huts
  193. Share The Road Or Stay Off It!
  194. Are you old enough?
  195. Naito Bike Lane has hazard built in
  196. Need a chopper bike
  197. Glorious Weekend
  198. 105.1 FM- DJs making comments about cyclists
  199. bicycle boulevards
  200. True's close call, reported 9/7
  201. Running Unresponsive Stoplights
  202. Stolen Specialized Globe ?
  203. Which is better - meat free or car free?
  204. Homeless Connect needs mechanics
  205. Seeking information on a possible stolen GTO back in 2006
  206. Help for a visitor
  207. On Street bike parking....
  208. Vancouver, Wa.: Klineline Bridge Replacement meeting next Monday
  209. Oregon Live Headline: Portland commuters sit in traffic average of 38 hours per year
  210. I Should've Stopped
  211. HEY! Springwater Trail riders with lights!
  212. SE Riders
  213. Cool contest
  214. Burnside Bridge Closure
  215. Props to PSU security
  216. Helmet Cam
  217. Bike boulevards = bad idea.
  218. Excellent Interbike news about Burley - the Piccolo's back!
  219. stolen wheel
  220. greetings
  221. OHSU Bike Commuter Study
  222. Thank you BTA!
  223. Cross Crusade
  224. Fabreeze ad
  225. California bike lane turns
  226. Dogs
  227. Neighborhood Full Lane Riding at "Normal Speed of Traffic"
  228. "How New Yorkers Ride Bikes" Presentation w/ David Byrne
  229. Pics of glowing bikes... I C Q
  230. free beer
  231. Another Auto/Cyclist Accident
  232. Bike Ticket and Car insurance
  233. Best area in pdx for bikers' new home?
  234. midnight mistery ride?
  235. Bike thefts on TriMet?
  236. spoke cutter in town
  237. Right of way and Driver Education
  238. Service refused at dive-through
  239. why didn't he call back?
  240. Bike law talk to address Portland cycling fatalities
  241. ghost bike inquiry
  242. Should cyclists run red lights? (link)
  243. License and Tax Cyclists?
  244. Legal question - Moving out of bike lane to pass
  245. PDOT Bicycle Safety Report
  246. Kruger is either a liar or incompetent
  247. need square kitty litter buckets
  248. Traffic Sting
  249. Communication and Awareness.
  250. Preaching to the choir