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Event: Cafe Au Play/Tabor Commons Family Bike Parade (7/17/10)

Posted by on June 15th, 2010 at 10:13 am

Event Name: Cafe Au Play/Tabor Commons Family Bike Parade led by Joe Bike
Event Start Date: 17 July 2010
Start Time: 11:00:00 AM
Web Site: http://www.joe-bike.com/2010/07/11/july-17-family-bike-parade-and-the-grand-opening-of-cafe-au-play/
Event Description: The concept is a super-relaxed, .75-mile family bike parade around Clinton Park. Why? Just for fun, and also to kick off the grand opening of the Mt. Tabor neighborhood’s new community center, Cafe Au Play. The cafe is at 56th and Division, next to Dairy Queen. The parade starts across the street, behind Atkinson school. Before the parade, Joe Bike staff will offer tips for successful, stress-free family biking and safety, and then will lead a very relaxed traffic-free parade around Clinton Park. The parade route is about .75 mile long. The parade will end at Cafe Au Play, where there will be food, music, and family mayhem. To learn more about Cafe Au Play, please visit http://cafeauplay.org.

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