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Letterpress by Bike

Posted by on September 4th, 2007 at 7:34 pm

Letterpress By Bike

Meet at the IPRC, 917 SW Oak Street. #218, Portland
Printers and fans of letterpress printing (or anyone else curious), let’s go on a bike ride and visit two letterpress shops. We’ll meet at the Independent Publishing Resource Center and get a tour of the Letterpress room that has a neat collection of table-top letterpresses and drawers full of type. The coolest part is the IPRC lettterpress room is a community printing shop, so if you want to learn letterpress you can! Then we’ll take a nice bike ride down to Sellwood for a tour of Textura/INK-A! Press. Inge Bruggeman’s book arts and commercial presses. The ride will be leisurely and social and loop back to the start.
Ride is sponsored by the IPRC, www.iprc.org

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